A Note from Michelle Dombrosky...

Thank you for visiting my Online Headquarters! I am proud to announce that I have filed for the State Board of Education in District 3, currently held by John Bacon, who has held the seat for many years. John has stood firm in defense of sound fiscal principles, with a focus on what’s best for children.

This student-focused approach is what I believe must be the foundation of every decision we make. In all the discussion about systems and formulas, too often what’s best for kids gets lost in the shuffle. As your State School Board Member, I will not let that happen.

I have two boys in the district, I am a mom actively involved in my children's schools, and their activities, and finally, I am a taxpayer. I care about children's education and their post secondary readiness and I want to make sure that communities are engaged in where the K-12 funding is going. It is critically important for our citizens to become involved in the process.

Education policy and school finance dominate the political debate in Kansas, at both the state and local level. With over half of the state budget devoted to K-12 education spending, and with so many varying views on everything from curriculum to teacher tenure, it can be difficult for various stakeholders to reach a consensus that meets the very real challenges our children face.

The State Board of Education -- And Why It Matters

When it comes to K-12 education, there are three critical units of government – the Kansas Legislature, the State Board of Education, and your local school board – of which there are eleven within District 3.

Established by the Kansas Constitution, the mission of the State Board of Education is “to prepare Kansas students for lifelong success through rigorous, quality academic instruction, career training and character development according to each student's gifts and talents.”

The Constitution provides the State Board of Education with authority to provide “general supervision of public schools, educational institutions and all the educational interests of the state” for K-12 education.

This means from curriculum to standards to items related to school finance, many important issues are decided at the State Board of Education. While much media attention is given to races for Congress, Governor, and the State Legislature, it is also very important who we elect to the board.

My Overall Philosophy

You can learn more about my platform by visiting the Issues section. My overall philsophy is simple: I will do what's best for students, voting in a way that reflects the values and morals of the people who elected me, and working hard to ensure the future is bright for every child in Kansas.

In Closing

I look forward to getting to know you over the course of the next few weeks. In the meantime, I encourage you to learn more about me, discover my views on education in Kansas, and get involved in my campaign.